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Barenas, Agustin / Financial Consultant, Ivanko & Asoc.

Ivanko & Asoc. is a firm created in 1993 with the purpose of providing comprehensive corporate accounting, tax and financial services. We work with the basic idea of optimizing our client’s resources, providing innovative solutions to their requirements, finding simple answers to their problems, interacting with them, with the resulting effective team work, in line with the country’s economic reality. The above supported by seamless professional ethics, excellent training of our staff, proven experience and full commitment to our clients. Our goal is to provide an efficient, innovative, and personalized service in a world of constant change.

Krivopisk, Vanesa Sofia

Krivopisk, Vanesa Sofia / Attorney

Vanesa was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated in 1998 as a lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Law and Social Sciences and completed a master’s in Economic Administrative Law at the Catholic University Argentina. From 1995 to 1999, she worked in several law firms as a paralegal. In January of 2000, Vanesa started at the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires as legal counsel, working as legal advisor to the Board. There, she carried out work of advising and collaborating on legal issues of the Bank and the Bapro Company. From 2003 to 2006, Vanesa was in charge of mediations and proceedings in the area of Consumer Defense and Arbitration Court of the Consumer, intervening in the framework of negotiations and endorsing relevant agreements.

From 2006, Vanesa worked as judicial counsel of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires in charge of analyzing, control and monitoring of legal matters. She has received scholarships from the Bank and UCA in courses and postgraduate studies such as Conference of Administrative Law “Administrative Contracts”, moderator at UCA; Hábeas Data at Arthur Andersen; Administrative Procedures under National jurisdiction and in the city of Buenos Aires at Austral University; among others). In this period, she has worked in global debt underwriting, under the law 144ª of the United States; in public calls for bids and administrative contracts of public works, supplies and others.