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Technology transfer involves moving a technology developed for one organization or environment into another. Often this movement is from a government or university laboratory into a commercial operation, capitalizing on the investment in research and development that was initially directed to government use or to the advancement of science.
Bridging the gap from the university or government lab to the commercial world can be difficult, therefore the sharing of experiences among tech transfer offices is invaluable for the success of technology development. Whether it’s identifying a proper fit between a technology and an organization’s needs, or negotiating the inherent differences between the research lab’s focus and the commercial sector’s interests, the technology transfer offices specialize in driving the process forward for successful technology transfer.

In order to capitalize the experience gathered by academia and industry in the process of technology development, we organize  a special session in which international experts from leading institutions will talk about way to maximize the impact of new knowledge resulting from research and discovery.


The attendance to the Tech Transfer Session is open and free for anyone who wishes to know the latest practices to bring biomedical innovation into useful products for the society. However, the space is limited, therefore a registration is required. If you would like to attend, please send us an email with your name to:

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Date: 08/05/2008 | -
Place: Santander Rio Auditorium | Mitre 480 Piso 15, Buenos Aires,