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BEHR13 Application

Those interested in attending BEHR13 must complete the application form available on the website of Fundación Crimson: Once the application form is completed and named with the applicant's last name and initial separated by underscore (i.e. Lopez_A), the file must be converted to a PDF file and sent to the following e-mail address:

Download BEHR13 application package here (DOC) (available in November 2012)

Application deadlines
There are two deadlines for submitting applications: 21 December 2012 and 15 February 2013. There will be a rolling application until the desired number of students is reached (applications will be evaluated in the order they are received and Fundación Crimson may close the application process when it has accepted the maximum number of 20 students). Those students accepted who applied before the first deadline (21 DEC 2012) will receive a 20% discount on the course tuition.
Those students selected by the academic committee will be notified by e-mail and a list of students will be posted at Fundación Crimson website.




The costs of this course given by internationally recognized speakers will be covered mostly by the generous contributions of public organizations and private supporters of Fundación Crimson. However, there is an academic fees of AR$ 1500 (AR$ 1200 until 21 December 2012) to make the program self-sustainable.

There are a limited number of scholarships available for outstanding students to cover the academic fees (partially or totally). Those applicants interested in a scholarship must complete the petition for financial aid in the application form. Students with limited financial resources are welcome to apply to be part of the BEHR13 program and the organizers will seek for additional funds to cover the housing and travel expenses (additional funds may not be available).
Important: The scholarships are limited and depend on private donors gifts. Applicants should seek for alternative sources of financial aid (e.g. government programs, institution of study, international organizations or foundations).