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Buenos Aires Signal Transduction Program

The symposium will include a total of 4 lectures followed by discussions in selected topics of molecular biology and signal transduction. In addition, they will be part of a direct and powerful exchange of ideas with leading academics in the field, both from Argentina and abroad.


  • David Baltimore (Nobel Prize 1975). Caltech, USA
  • Silvio Gutkind. NIH, USA
  • Elisabetta Dejana, University of Milan, Italy

Academic Committee

  • Roberto Pozner. Researcher CONICET. Dept. Biochemistry. School of Sciences. Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Omar Coso. Researcher CONICET- Dept. Biologia Molecular. School of Sciences. Universidad de Buenos Aires

Location and Dates
The Crimson-SISTAM Satellite Symposium will take place at Centro Metropolitano de Diseno, Algarrobo 1041, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina on 02 November 2012.